Sunday, May 29, 2011

   Renato Aristeu (Brazil, Sao Paulo)

Always on our hearts, always in our lifes.

   Carlos Quezada (Guayaquil, Ecuador)

  Cyndi H. (North Carolina)

   NCC (NSW/Australia)

Message:  Eternally graceful. xxx

  María (Spain)

Your voice will touch my soul forever

  Shannon (Auckland, New Zealand)

For everything you have given, and will always keep giving.....I thank you.

  Tiziana & Samuele (Forlì, Italy)

We miss you so much, too much....!

   Frank (Ireland)

My kingdom for a...Jeff Buckley gig, new album, collected writings...
but Grace is more than sufficient. Thank you Jeff. X

   Thank you for everything…Gwyn

   Sjaniek Schaap (Groningen, The Netherlands, Europe)

Dearly missed…

“I’d really rather that people not even think about me as a face, or a name, or a body and just come and listen, really”

   Aimee Williamson (Northern Ireland)

  Anastasia Sims (Kansas, America, Earth, Universe)

A tear that hangs inside my soul, forever. Namaste

  Lilach Sakzer (Israel)

Buckley’s Music Is Impossibly Beautiful.and When I die, I want the words of Jeff Buckley to be written on my grave.

  Vanessa Donneys Valencia (Cali, Colombia)

I want to light a candle for Jeff, because his music lights a candle in my soul, a light that never fades, a light that drives away loneliness, a light that inspires me to try to be the best that I can. Thank you for your music Jeff, I'm always going to miss you.

  Angelica (New York)

When you died, I was only four years old, and I was fortunate enough to enjoy your music within this past year. I am now eighteen and I cannot imagine a day without your wisdom, love and passion echoing through my ears. I would give anything to see you play live, I would do anything to bring you back. Its a shame you've been taken so soon, Rest in Peace,

"drink a bit of wine, we both might go tomorrow"

 My Name is Steve Sisco

I had the honor of assisting Andy Wallace and Jeff on some of the recording and all of the mixing of GRACE and MY SWEETHEART THE DRUNK.  I remember being @ Soundtrack Studio in NYC on 5/31 in 1997.  That was the day I got the news that Jeff was reported missing.   I only new Jeff for a New York minute but his memory will stay with me the rest of my life.  His music ETERNAL.

Miss you Jeff

Steve Sisco

  Rachel L Cole (Beckley, WV)

Jeff's music has totally gotten me through some of the worst times of my life.....I truly thank God  for letting me find Jeff and his music.

   Eden Blackman (London, UK)

'often imitated, never outshone, missed by all x'

   mlc (Austin, TX)

  Sara (Melbourne, Australia)

RIP - your beautiful voice and gentle soul saved my life many a times over when I was in needless despair. Never forgotten

  Lula (New South Wales,Australia)

  With Everlasting Love, Valerie -NY- (Virginia)

A candle that burns ever so bright
The music you gave more than light
Memories of you shine colors of a rainbow
Although you had to go home
Your love remains, continues to grow

  Katarzyna Kawecka

 Requiescat in pace Jeff

7 people lit candles in the comment box:

eric said...

Jeff, you are my guiding light. Wherever I go, whatever I do, you are with me and I am with you.

saraonb said...
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deb said...

Those of us who are left behind on this earth to keep the Golden Promise thank God for giving us the opportunity to hear your voice and your message, however brief it was.

kjdm41 said...

There is no death, only relocation. We, your soul family, are strongly connected, especially today, the day you went to the Light. We will continue, with full hearts, your mission. The message that Love is all, Love casts out all fear. We live in the Love that you have awakened in our hearts. You are not gone, you are alive in each one of us. In Love.

karen said...

Forever in our hearts. An honest soul that was taken from us too soon.

Anonymous said...

THANKS Jeff for all that you have unknowingly done for me!
Time has passed, I grew up .... but you live forever in my heart and in nature: the wind that comes to mind, the stars in the sky, ect ..... you are like my spirit guide!
I love you!

moluscacha said...

Gracias por todo Jeff, te queremos. Feliz Cumpleaños!