Wednesday, November 17, 2010

  –Jack, back in NYC

To remember Jeff on his birth date, I want to write how Jeff remains a such a strong source of inspiration and happiness in my life, just to know and have worked with him, and to honor his legacy, I try to keep up with that Golden Promise each and every day. The Palace of the future is now.

  Shellie  (Australia)

Your music is always alive in my heart ! miss you

  Conny Lampo (The Netherlands)

No words today but Love Forever

  Melonie Young (San Antonio, TX.)

I first heard of Jeff back in 1994, when Grace first came out. It took me 15 and a half years to
buy the cd because I was afraid listening to it would bring back memories of
when I heard that he was missing. I decided to buy it as a birthday present to
myself last February, and I'm glad I did. Even though listening to it is painful
and I start to cry sometimes, Grace is now my favorite cd to listen to. Not a
day goes by that I don't listen to his music, whether it's on the cd or YouTube.
If I had 3 wishes, one of them would be that Jeff never went swimming in the
Wolf River and he was able to meet his band at the recording studio and finally
record My Sweetheart The Drunk, of course, it would be another masterpiece, and
he would be working on his 12th album, but not before spending this day with his
family and friends  blowing out the 44 candles on his cake, and complaing about
how he doesn't have the strength to blow them out in one of his silly cartoon
voices. How I wish that was happening right now. Happy birthday, Jeff! Love and
miss you always. Sweet dreams up in Heaven.

  KS (Washington DC)

   Lisa (the Netherlands)

Happy birthday jeff, you’re with me every step of the way.
You’re the one I turn to when things get tough. You’re the one I listen to when I can’t do
Anything but appreciate everything I’m given. Your music is my everything.
Hope you’re still singing, wherever you are right now.

  Maryna ( New York)

  The Road Home Music Project in Indianapolis.

Still celebrating Jeff and keeping our Golden Promise

  Nav (Halifax,UK)

Jeff was pure inspiration to us all!
Love and Light wherever your beautiful soul is now <3

  Chrissie (Greece)
Thanks for inspiration and consolation

  Mandy Kearns (Philadelphia, PA)

Rest easy Jeff. 

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bevorachel said...

Your music has been the soundtrack for my life. Many thanks & missing you on your birthday! - Rachel Z., Austin, TX

Barb said...

Happy Birthday Jeff!

Such an incredible story, life, voice... I've been inspired by you.
thanks for that! :)

if you would, say hello to my Mom and Brother for me?

Barb Soucia
Sugar Hill GA