Sunday, May 29, 2016

May 29, 2016 ~ Thinking of you Jeff ♥

  Nadya (Russia)

  Toujours  Regards, Halle Lula 

  Sempre con noi.  Regards, Tiziana e Samuele - Italy

  We love you Jeff <3  Regards, Mina i tata

  This is for the angel that is here with us still, this is for saying that all the tears of the world are not enough to embrace the beauty of this pure soul. Jeff, it is not true that you are in heaven, you are present. Please continue to sing and let us know you are coming soon...  Regards, Rania Moussouli

  Missing you Jeff...<3 Your music is always with me, forever...  Regards, Cristina (Spain)

   The world lost a great talent, such a beautiful voice, thinking of you today  Regards, Samia Ben 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Forever In Our Hearts, Happy Birthday Jeff ♥ November 17, 2015

  Patricia (Philadelphia, PA)

Surround us all with your beautiful grace.  Happy Birthday, Jeff Buckley 💜  

  Joanna (Warsaw, Poland)

  Amy Robbins (Indianapolis, IN)

  Jelena & Gile (Belgrade, Serbia)  

Years go by, you're still in our hearts.

 Nadya (Russia)

 Happy Birthday, Jeff 

  Yolanda (de España, Barcelona)

Vino un Angel a la tierra que nos emociono, y se entrego como pocos. Un Angel delicado y pasional, que se introdujo en mi alma para siempre. He visto su luz y ya nunca la olvidare. te llevamos dentro. Te amare siempre

Friday, May 29, 2015

May 29, 2015 Candles

  Linda (Italy)

  Jelena & Gile (Belgrade, Serbia)  

We'll never forget You.

  Nadya (Russia)

Monday, November 17, 2014

Jeff Buckley Birthday Candles ~ November 17th 2014

  Anne Pontellier (Pittsburgh, PA)

  Sandra (UK)

Remembered every day in the most haunting music I ever heard

  Samuele, Tiziana - Italy

We miss you, Jeff. Your music keeps us alive. 


  Especially missing you today on you Birthday Jeff.. “Born again from the rhythm, Screaming down from heaven, Ageless, ageless I’m there in your arms” ~ ♥ Debra NYC

  Alive still and filling us with rarefied Love. We honor you, Jeff - you freakin' genius Orpheus beauty! Swished away like a Shakespearean ritual - it's all so painfully gorgeous. Love you, Peace. Allow Tao - USA

  Happy Birthday, Jeff! You live on in an occasional dream, in the whisky dark twilight, and all the music I tend to listen to. How does that happen? Daily occurrences that remind me of you - a person I never met & although my age, unknown to me for 10 years after you swam away... strange but delightful. See you in the Astral plane! Love, Erin (Sedona, AZ - USA)

Happy Birthday, Jeff! Your music continues to rock on louder and brighter. Keep making the magic. Love you so. ~Patricia XO, Philadelphia, PA

  I would like to light a candle In honor of the day that Jeff Buckley was brought into this world, 48 years ago.... Thank God for that day! And, Jeff, may you rest with Him now. Love, Michelle

 Gile & Jelena (Belgrade, Serbia)

Happy Birthday Jeff. We miss you.

  Happy Birthday, Jeff (Nadya, Russia)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Never Forget ~ May 29th 2014 Candles for Jeff ♥ (*Updated 11/17/14)

  AllowTao (Sedona, AZ USA)

Your Light still shines brightly, Jeff. I envision you in Peace and Beauty in the Astral Realm. It was your time to go & thank you for your angelic visit to earth.

  Lara (London, England)

You left us with a true gift, your music and your voice live on through time and continue to inspire. 

  Valerie (NY)

Amazing Grace.....enjoy the Kingdom!!! See you there someday. 

  Jenny (Boston, MA USA)

Never has any artist, any one voice evoked such emotion with their artistic creations and soul. I will always love, admire and appreciate Jeff Buckley and his gifts. 

 Elena G. (Rome, Italy) 

No better way of remembering you than listening your unique music, your amazing voice. Everyday I try to create an “artistic moment” as you said once. Thank you, Jeff Love, Elena

  Beata Babicz (Hungary)

  Melonie Young (San Antonio, TX)

Jeff. Your music will always stay in my heart, your words will always live in my soul, and my love for you will never end. Sweet dreams from heaven. 

  Christina Dovik

What happened to you, Jeff, still makes me sad and I admire your mother, who is still there for you.

  Dolly (Las Vegas, Nevada. U.S.A.)

 In memory of "YOUR TRUE LIGHT" 

  Japril (Canada) 

Jeff I have to say you are the most emotional musician I have ever listened too. I love you, I miss my brother who was a huge fan of yours and his love, came to me from loving you!!!! RIP my friend and I know your enjoying many good times together!!!!​

  LKennedy (Ireland) 

Even though you are no longer with us, I would like to thank you for showing me that good music and talent are eternal ! Unlike most music today, yours has hit me to the core and has true meaning :) RIP Jeff x

  Lisa Fulbright (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

I know you are not far from us, and are in our thoughts and hearts every single day. Having your photos all over our home probably adds to that! Thank you for personally helping me understand GRACE. I'm still trying to fully grasp it in my life. See you on the other side...

  Claire Cooke

Jeff Buckley made great music and it is so sad we lost him so young with so much promise. R.I.P.

  Katherine (New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA)

Jeff has changed my life in a positive way.. his music has helped me thru so many difficult time and I will forever be thankful for him. I know he's filling heaven with beautiful music…. RIP sweet angel 


Jeff, See me now ... I'm just feeling satisfied in my mind ! Smiling thinking on the past days, gently remembering ! You will understand dearest. Loved You, still love You. Merci

  Flyaway Rick (Dallas, Texas, USA)

 "There's no time for hatred, only questions Where is love, where is happiness, what is Life Where is peace? When will I find the strength to bring me release?" Your music is timeless Jeff, thank you for all your beautiful music. I wish you were here, RIP brother!

  Tiziana & Samuele (Italy) 

Even angels love your voice. We miss you

  Agnes (Hungary)

 I just wish you have found peace. and you have to know, we will always remember you. thank you for everything.

  Silvia (Venice) 

"You gave us more to live for, more than you'll ever know". Love U Jeff

  Cal Gomes (Cachoeiro de Itapemirim ES - Brazil)

Thanks, Jeff...I'll never forget you, boy.

  Liad (Israel)

 Dear Jeff , I know everybody here wants you, but I need you. R.I.P

  Melissa ( Turkey ) 

Hey Jeff,find the light & be good,it's never over love.

  Olivier Maz (Lyon, France)

I saw him in 1995 on July the 4th. I will never forget !

  Nancy Ryan

Thanks for the magic. The music lingers …

  Pam (London, UK)

Another year and my heart breaks again. So strange – 2 years ago I was lost and I found your music – thank you sweet stranger. Forever young. x


MISS YOU JEFF! Through the darkest of days I have you on this ratty mp3 player and I must say, damn it you have helped me so much. And i know...everybody here wants you :) I hope I could light all the candles in the world for you!

  Joanna (Warsaw, Poland)

  Kyle Del Rosario (Dubai) 

You're one of the people that made me the man i am've been always in my heart...

  Steven Anocibar (Temecula CA, USA)

  Silvana (Luxembourg)

Jeff, you, your music have touched my life. You will never be forgotten. I will always carry you in my heart. 

  Debbie (Ohio,United States)

  Rachel Neslon 

Dear Jeff, you've inspired my life beyond my own comprehension..I'll love you forever. See you on the other side.

  Nadya (Russia)

  Isabella Latini (Italy)

Ti porto ogni giorno con me.
Never Forget.

  Debra Rainone 

"GRACE is what matters in anything" Miss you Jeff. ♥

 Jelena & Gile (Belgrade, Serbia)

We miss you Jeff 

 Italo Daffra (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
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