Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Alec {NYC, USA}

Jacinthe B. {Québec, Canada}

~Love and Respect~

Dave M. {Webster, Massachusetts, USA}

Some lyrics I wrote two years ago for Jeff's birthday...

Birthday Prayer

Tonight I look to the past
To all the actions that led to the devastating halt
To futures all unseen, unclear
I'm certain we'll be right here
It's not your fault

You, my love, are allowed to leave behind
So many uncounted reasons to smile, and cry, and love
You, my love, are life after death
You, my love, are a lifetime spent in passion's waking breath

Patricia {PA, USA}

Happy Birthday, Jeff Buckley. You are so missed but never forgotten...

Pam McMullen {Littleton,CO}

I Believe; The sun does set;
And tomorrow it does rise again...
Sleep for a time;
And Arise with the sunshine...

Annette {Oregon}

Your music lives infinitely in our hearts...

Laura Jackson {Saginaw, MI}

Amie Petersen {Los Angeles, CA USA}

"Where ever you may be Jeff, your music touched my life profoundly.
Thank you for sharing."

Gui K. {Brazil}

You gave me more to live than you'll ever know

Kim {Australia}
My fading voice sings of love. Jeff's voice is strong and alive in our hearts.

Bryan Lynn {Los Angeles}

Happy Birthday Jeff Thank you for being...

Anna {Australia}

Happy birthday Jeff, wherever you are. Your music changed my life xx

Jonny, Juliet & Frank {Greenwich,London,UK}

Ash {PA,USA}

JenStar {Salem, MA}

Miss you my love

Emily {United States}

Pam McMullen {Littleton, CO}

Songs & Words are forever; Yours are magical...

Liz {USA}

Jeff lives on in his music. He will always be here with us.

Miguel Angel Gálvez {Albacete-Spain}

My life in your music

Sirjelind {Estonia}

You took a place in my heart

Jolly Golightly {Tokyo, Japan}

your music is natural and real, forever.
Happy Birthday !


Rita {Miami, Florida}

The angel's voice never dies...

Hazy Jane {Brazil}


Love Everlasting

Tim Fraser {BC, Canada}

I wish everyone here a long life lived loved. Let the "Jeffness" fill the room...

Andy {England}

Katie {KY}

He's the tear that hangs inside my soul forever :)

Tracy S. {North Carolina}

Tanya {Minneapolis, Minnesota}

Your music and voice have forever touched my life

Francesca {Italy}

Rupert {Oxford, England}

You gave me more to live for, more then you'll ever know

Dan aka Harlock {Italy}

and from your lips we drew the hallelujah...

Suzie {Belgium}

Troels {Denmark}

Love the Jeff!


I miss your sweet face and voice! You gave me more to live for, more than you will ever know. Rest in peace, sweet prince.

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