Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Windsdaughter {France}

...the beauty of a praying heart never die...

Alessandra D’Andrea {Rome,Italy}

I will love your soul and your ART for ever…

“We could have been so happy baby,

If we only could know each other…”

miss you for ever

and always thinking that you could guide my life to beauty,

since now on…

despite the tears, your Ales

Alghero {Italy}

We will be together for ever. I love you Jeff.

Sarah {Durham,England}

Katja {Trieste,Italy}

Happy Birthday dearest Jeff,
your voice and music always move my heart & soul, thank you for that, love

Andrea {Bergamo, Italy}

In Loving Memory

Jude {Wales, UK}

Peewee Artista {Sharjah , United Arab Emirates}

Happy Birthday Jeff! You continue to amaze me.

MLC {Austin, Texas}

Alec {NYC, USA}

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Luca said...

Luca (Potenza Picena/Italy)

Jeff your music has open to me new windows... and thanks to you I have understood many things...