Monday, November 17, 2008

Ashley {Vancouver}

Majusia {Or}

The most amazing voice that there ever was.. your music lives on and you will always be remembered in our hearts! love you forever jeff!

Joanna {Warsaw, Poland}

Morgan {Sweden}

Love & respect!

Epi {Russia}

Rachael { Silsbee, Texas}

Jeff's music has touched and changed my life for the better. In rough times, I can always rely upon his beautiful words, his music to lift me up and give me hope. I'm so thankful to have such a "beautiful friend."

Tatiana Giovazzini {Rome, Italy}

Jeff I love you!!!!

Alice {Italy}

Bethany Burroughs {Virginia, USA}

You are still missed… as you always will be…

Manuela {Naples,Italy}

Thank you Jeff, for all you gave and you're still givin us. You're my personale angel

Kristy {Los Angeles, CA, USA}

Maria {Covilhã, Portugal}

"Je ne connais pas la fin". Always.

Kris Nova { Saint Petersburg, Russia}

Green Rabbit {Moscow, Russia}

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Elo said...

Jeff, we will never forget you