Wednesday, May 29, 2013

   Veronica Stamerra (Rome, Italy)

Beloved Jeff...always in my mind and in my .soul...sweet angel...Your music burn like a gold flame in my heartYour voice is a sweet angelic son....that warms the soul thanks to exist...sweet angel

  Valerie (NY)

You are always remembered;never forgotten.

  Peggy (Ormond Beach, Florida)

  Casandra Ayala

  Gaby-Elise (London, UK)

Jeff, you are one of the few people who's art has truly inspired me. I find something new in your words and melodies every moment I hear them. I never knew you and will never know you, but I can say that, as a complete stranger, you inspire me endlessly. You make me want to create. You make me want to live in light. Even though you are no longer here, you still continue to inspirit me every day. You're like a ripple effect. I hope I can one day experience music as you once did. You are eternal in all of the hearts that you have inspired, and will continue to inspire. Rest in peace, dream brother.

  Melonie Y. (San Antonio, TX)

Jeff, my love, my angel. Every year that you're not here becomes more difficult to bear; I have your music and your voice to comfort me, but I'd rather have you here on Earth, sharing your talent with us. I will always miss you. 

  Irena Postrozna (Poland)

 Jeff, you happened to me so beautifully some two years ago. Since then I feel your presence by my side all the time. You are the most wonderful drop of love that God dropped right in front of me. I picked the love up and hug it to my lips and life is coming back to me. Jeff, my Angel, please never stop inspiring me and wait for me just round the bend of eternal life. Love you and miss you so much ...

  akbeatleman (Edinburgh, Scotland)

 Unbelievable excellence. Thank you xx

 Tiziana & Samuele (Italy) 

Your voice in the sky forever...

  Paula (Berlin, Germany)

 I' am the sum total of everything that went before me, of all I have seen done, of everything done -to-me. I' m everyone everything whose being -in-the - World affected was affected by mine. I' am anything that happens after I'm gone which would not have happened if I had not come! (Salman Rushdie)

 Bill G.

 Hard to believe another year has past, and here we are thinking of someone who has inspired and moved us all so much. What it makes me think about is this: Time means nothing in the face of spirit, and time deepens things at the same time. Every year, we grow and evolve; yet beautiful things; like all great art; never age. Jeff will always be the passionate young guy that sang his heart out, and will always be ageless at the same time. We're thinking of you and thanking your spirit for all it's giving and continues to give us!. Truly one of the greats!. Amen!!.

  Tekla (France) 

Hi, another year. still lights here. Tremendous ones :) Jeff keeps shining... We keep spreading the love

 Gile & Jelena (Belgrade, Serbia)

We miss you Jeff 

  Joanna (Warsaw, Poland)

  Isis (Sardinia, Italy) 

You are still here...

  Nadya (Russia)

Love you, Jeff 

  Viviana (Asti)

I love you

  Leen Honings (Antwerp, Belgium) 

I will never forget where I was when I heard the news, prepping for a physics exam. Your music is the soundtrack of my youth, the only music that gives me so much emotions. Mister Buckley, you are deeply missed.

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Okla said...

16 years since you left but we will never forget you. We love you, JB!

Pamela Hay said...

Thank you for teaching me the meaning, the deep feeling, of music. Such a loss.x

veronica stamerra said...

A prayer for You. ..beloved Jeff..thanks for all that you are been an for the sky...near god..
I miss you sweet angel...

From Italy

Mirtza said...

Jeff your soul dreamed your life to reach to so many. You heal, love, inspire and awaken. At times I wish you were not gone and ask why? But I reminded that you could only stay for your small mishap in the heavenly realms and did your time and had to return. My angel God is so pleased with you. Thank you for your music and truth. We miss you.Love, Mirtza
Eugene, OR U.S.

veronica stamerra said...
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veronica stamerra said...

Belowed Jeff...always in my mind and in my .soul...sweet angel...Your music burn like a gold flame in my heartYour voice is a sweet angelic son....that warms the soul thanks to exist...sweet angel..