Thursday, November 17, 2011

  Dalila (France)

Happy Birthday Jeff, you are always in our heart. Love you

  Katy (Czech Republic)

For one of the best artist...

  Arda (Redondo Beach, CA)


Thank you so much for your beautiful voice. Rest in peace, you'll never ever be forgotten. 

  TK (Japan)

I hear you.



Here in Gosford, NSW Australia, the crowd went off to cover of Grace, they could have had anything but chose Grace. I played the trusty 6/8 with a sit in drummer from my keyboard and told them of how I saw him play live in Sydney. Xray, some things are just not fair.

  Delphine (France)

Nous ne t’oublierons jamais...

  Gisela (Rheine, Germany)

Happy Birthday Jeff, you're always in my heart.. love Gisela

  Casamatti Davide 

We will always miss you…thank you for the music….that magical spirit from your soul

  Kathy Kidwell (Tennessee)

Love you,and your spirit is always with me!

  Vicki L Patton

  Bernard Holive 

you are an angel ...

  T. (Russia)

If only you'd come back to us...Happy Birthday, Angel.

  John (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada)

In moments after hearing your voice, I knew you and your voice would be a part of my whole life. Seeing you speak is just as special as hearing you sing; the way you spoke and chose your words was beautiful. I see you in the sky and feel your soul in the wind when I listen to you while looking at the world. My biggest wish is to meet you. You may be gone, but I haven't given up that wish. Happy birthday Jeff

  Sheryl (New Jersey)

It seems like yesterday I found you singing for your supper in NYC in 1992. Our meeting changed my life! You are very much loved and missed, sweet Jeff! I hope you are at peace.

  Desiree Grace Bessette (Gig Harbor, WA)

Happy Birthday, Jeff!I may never know what words or wishes to send your way; but, your words live long, sonically travelling through all of us. Thank you. Live in your eternal beauty and grace.

  Theresa E. (West Virginia, USA)

Dear Jeff, Thinking of you today and every day. I still find myself asking, like I have so many times over the years... "what would Jeff do/say?" Ahh, you're always in my heart- thank you for "moving" in all those years ago, keeping my heart warm and changing my life forever. Happy Birthday, my dear! Just look at all these Birthday candles, lit with love, respect and eternal thanks, for you... love you, miss you... XxX
"There is a place where voices sing your beauty.A place where every breath carves your image in my soul!" ~ Rumi

  Happy Birthday Jeff, Love Melissa

  Bernadette (Boca Raton, Florida)

Happy 45th Birthday Jeff. Your music and your voice are precious to me.

  Lauren (Connecticut)

  Kim Baird

Each time I listen to your music I experience intense joy and sadness. I watched videos of my favourite Jeff songs until late into the night :)

  Rachel Rutherford (Carnation, WA, USA)

Dear Jeff,There is a blaze of light in every wordIt doesn't matter which you heardThe holy or the broken Hallelujah

  Dexter Jordan (Greensboro, NC)

Happy birthday Jeff! I will ALWAYS listen to your timeless music.Rest in Peace. :)

  Tina (Australia)

Happy Birthday Jeff Buckley xo

  Kati (Mexico)

Jeff, Gracias por existir!!! Gracias por el amor, Gracias por tu presencia, siempre

  Andsha (Spain)

Broken down and hungry for your love with no way to feed it, where are you tonight? child you know how much I need it too young to hold on and too old to just break free and run"The greatest die young...

  Deborah (CT)

Happy Birthday Jeff. You are truly an amazing artist. Thank you for giving us the pleasure that your music brings. Rest in peace friend.

  Amanda (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

why?? another year whit out you..your music is in my heart!

  Jenie (Manila)

Happy Birthday, Jeff. Thank you for your beautiful music. love you always.

  Anthony (North Dakota)

Thanks for sharing so much with us!

 Lora R. (Arlington, VA)

  Jishie (Olive Branch, MS)

  Cynthia H. (North Carolina)

Happy Birthday Jeff! You are truly missed! <3

  Michelle (Austin, TX)

Forever loved and never forgotten.

  Erez (Israel)

Your music will always be special and powerful to me.

  Deb Black

Happy Birthday
Always in our hearts

  MelonieY(San Antonio, TX)

Dearest Jeff. Another year without you has passed and another piece of my heart has broken. As much as I love the music you left us, I'd rather have you here, touching our hearts with a special magic that only you could weave. You once said that you wanted people to remember your music; but you, my love, will always be remembered, always be loved, and always be missed. Happy birthday, my sweet angel.

  Frank (Ireland)

Again, I'm here thanking you online as l do every November and May, and as l d every time l listen to your music.I love you, and while l wish you were still here, l'm glad we had you at all.I'm reaffirming the Golden Promise for you today. x


Happy Birthday to an amazing artist whose songs are filled with magic. You are truly missed!

  He is a tear that hangs inside my soul forever. Thank you for the music Jeff. Love Kate and son Buckley (15 months) London x

  Lucrezia (Perugia, Italy)

Dear little big genius, you opened my mind and fed my soul with your incredible talent. Thank you.

  Sophie (Norwich, England)

Thank you for your beautiful music. Happy Birthday Jeff, I love you

  Cristiana (Italy)

Today you'd reach my age... I miss you and I love you, always.

  Ezra Less

It's NEVER over.

  Deborah Lesperance (Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada)

Only the death of John Lennon ever affected me as profoundly as the loss of Jeff. Still to this day....

  Nikki Coates (Newcastle, Australia)

How I would have loved to have seen you at 45! Happy Birthday Jeff xxx

  Tim (Australia)

Happy Birthday Jeff. Your music and your soul are the two biggest inspirations in my life, you are my Elvis. Rest In Peace

  Andrée (Québec, Canada) 

Will always carry your music with me! Thank you!

  Karen Dawn Sawyer (Pembrokeshire, Wales)

  Mal (Canberra, Australia)

Vale Jeff

  Jill (Scituate, MA)

Now we're the same age again my artistic friend. I think of you and your music always.

  Esther vKr (The Netherlands)

Thank you, Jeff, for being you.

  DeAnne (Los Angeles)

I will always miss your “arching and glistening” voice. 

  Melissa (Pittsburgh, PA)

Happy birthday, Jeff! You are lovingly remembered today. Thank you for your beautiful music.

  Ellie (Madrid, Spain)

You were too good for this world. Angels can live amongst us for a while but they belong in Heaven. I loved you then, I miss you now and I'll remember you forever

  Danielle (Paris)

Happy Birthday Jeff and thank you for the love, grace and beauty you brought with you.

  Christiane (Paris, France)


Happy Birthday Jeff. You are dearly missed. You will never know how much your music has meant to me. You are my angel.

  c9 (Italy, Milan)

we miss u Jeff... so much


Your magic lives on in my heart dear Jeff. Thank you. xxx

  Caterina (Sydney, Australia)

Always on my mind, always in my heart. Happy Birthday my beautiful Angel xxx


You will never be forgotten....

  Jade Sara (Brighton, England)

Today would have been Jeff Buckley`s 45th birthday..... i will never forget his beautiful music...... he were searching for more than this earth could give.I now write my own music for you Jeff, i`ve never felt such inspiration from anything else, you had the voice and presence of an angel, now, i hope you can fly with the rest of the angels, and see the incredible change you left behind you and how many people love you, even if they were never lucky enough to have met you.Rest in peace, beautiful soul.

  Emelie (Sweden)

Right know in this moment I'm going to play "Live at Sin-é" and just enjoy the beautiful music you have created... And of course think of you! Happy birthday Jeff!

  John (Dublin)

Hallelujah for Jeff and happy birthday. Shine on.


Absolutely the best rendition of "Hallelujah" ever recorded, and one of the greatest musicians in the world with the voice of an Angel. Rest in Peace!

  Jo (Saugus, MA)

We miss your physical form but you're never to far away and your voice will continue echo on through eternity. Happy 45th Birthday, dear.

  Nicolas D. (Belgium)

A very Nice day to play his albums again...His music was So Real!

  Matt Herriott (Columbus, OH)

Happy Birthday Jeff

  Sarah Nesmith (Columbus, OH)

Happy Birthday, Jeff <3

  Cheung (Hong Kong)

Happy 45th Birthday Jeff!How I wish you could send us your new albums from heaven like we are here to give you messages ^^ How graceful is the music you gave us! Love you!

  Meghann Ellis

Happy Birthday Jeff… Your music inspires and moves me everyday

  Noa (Israel)

Happy Birthday Jeff. Your last goodbye came to soon but your angelic voice will forever be heard. RIP.

  Jennifer (Whittier, California)

Sing a song to my mom in heaven where I know you both are now.

  Deanne Buck (Tucson, Arizona, US)

you have helped me through those tears that hang inside my soul forever.

  Julie, Amy & Laura (UK)

Happy Birthday Jeff! always in our hearts love you. xxx

  Solly (Berlin, Germany)

  Blaise Inocencio (Manila, Philippines)

You are greatly missed...Happy birthday, man

  From one that got it, Mark (Sussex, England)

  Fyz (Istanbul)

your incredible voice is always the last voice i hear at the end of the day..thank you for sharing your soul with me.

  Katherine (Massachusetts, United States of America)

I truly believe your soul is at real peace Jeff... we all miss and love you, thank you so much for the music and your therapeutic voice. xxx

  Stacy (USA)

 Happy Birthday, Jeff! You are missed.



  Marie (Annecy, France)

Happy Anniversary Jeff, from France... my love for you will ever be. Your music, voice, energy, love, rage, softness and grace forever present and active in our hearts. may we be one day close to you in heaven. in the meanwhile we feel...

  Lindsay (Virginia)

Happy Birthday! You'll always be in my heart :)


Jeff, you were not meant for this world, you must be in a magical place now. Whenever I hear your voice it takes me to that place. Rest in peace Jeff xxxx

  Eliya (from rainy Israel)

Peace and love to all


Happy Birthday Jeff


Jeff's music was like nothing I've ever heard. His music is so different, so unique, so beautiful. I listen to him every day. With nearly all artists I've found I eventually get a little tired of them but with Jeff, each time I listen to him the music gets better and better.So thank you Jeff Buckley, thanks for everything you've given me (which is a lot). You'll inspire me all my life. For that, I am ever grateful and happy.

  Magda (Vilela, Brazil)

I Miss you Jeff. 

  Debi (Fountain Valley, CA)  

Thank you, Jeff, for all you gave us.

 Melissa (Buffalo, NY - formerly NYC)

Just wanted to pay respects to the gifted, incredible Jeff Buckley for his 45th birthday! I worked at Time Cafe/Fez when Jeff was playing there (right before he went out on his Peyote Radio Theatre tour). He had an awesome personality that could go from gentle, quiet and kind, to wild howling in the next minute. He treated us well - always very friendly, courteous and a lot fun. It was infectious. Ellen C. just adored him. He invited us all to hang out with him after his last performance at Fez, before going on that tour. We were all so happy for him. Even though I did not know him well, it was apparent he was able to touch people not only with his music, but also with his kindness, open-heartedness and genuine interest in others. He was such an incredibly talented, special individual. My thoughts are with his family and friends on this day and always.

 Roey (Israel)

  Ron van der Lee (Netherlands)

Good opportunity to thank you for you music on your 45th Jeff - thanks a lot, you made yourself immortal...

  Roisin Page (Ireland)

Happy Birthday Jeff, you are a huge inspiration and influence to me, wish you were still here. Your voice is the most beautiful I've ever heard.

  Rose (Pittsburgh, PA)

Your words and voice still fill many souls with warmth and awe.I will continue to live by these words, your words: "Time to write and sing, to laugh, to listen, to discover, to cry, to love music."Rest In Peace, Jeff.

  Martin Bostock (York, United Kingdom)

Happy Birthday mate. You are dearly missed, an absolute legend

  Ozge (Istanbul, Turkey)

How I wish, how i wish you were here...

  Gaby (Belgium)

Imagine what gems you could have given us...

  Esin (Turkey)

Happy Birthday Dream Brother. Thank you for bringing the greatest music ever. 

  Katarina (Sweden)

Jeff, Happy Birthday. You were my friend on lonely teenage nights,and as I grow older, I carry you with me. Always will. Your music lifts us up. It moves me. And I'm grateful for that.

  Stef (Italy)

Happy Birthday, Jeff...

  Sal Garcia (Chicago, USA)

  Zach Bright (Springfield, Illinois)

Happy Birthday, Jeff. There will never be a last goodbye...

  Rob (Sweden)

  Anna C. (Los Angeles, CA)

  Kat Yoerg (Texas, USA)

Sometimes I think if I had a time machine, I would use it to go back in time and see you perform. Happy Birthday Jeff!

  Ela (Krakow, Poland)

Happy Birthday Jeff. Never forgotten.

  Carlo (Torino, Italy)

Wonderful voice!

  Happy Birthday, Jeff!!!and Thanx 4 ur music!

  Peter Soros (Hollywood, CA, USA)

Happy Bday Jeff. Were it not for you, I wouldn't be where I am now; at your old school studying music and singing. Grazie.

  Sophie (England)

Thank you for your beautiful music

  Nadyia Mahmood (England)

  Sophie Greenham

Thank you for your beautiful music.

  Deniz (Turkey)

Happy 45th birthday Jeff. Thank you for everything.

  Keeley (An American in Costa Rica)

Your music is a constant reminder that life is beautiful.

  Myrtle (Italy)

  Oceans7 (@7Oceans7)

  Katherine M / meadowgirl

angel voice straight from heaven. <3

  Nihal (Turkey)

  S&H (Izmir, Turkey)

 You were too young to die. Left us all alone with our feelings untold. Miss u.

  Agnieszka (Poland)


  Wendy (Wisconsin)

Sadly missed,Lovingly remembered.

  Zaiane Piñeyro (Pelotas, Brazil)

You gave me more to live for,more than you'll ever know.Happy Birthday, sweet angel.

  Maria (Lisbon, Portugal)

Tomorrow is my birthday... So, I will always remember yours. And your music. And your smile. And your voice.Happy Birthday Jeff!

  A.B. (Germany)

No other musician touches my soul as you do!Thank you, Jeff Buckley

  Brianna S (Etowah, Tennessee, USA)

The world will always be a little less beautiful without you and your continued artistry in it. You are truly missed.

  Joke De Backer (Belgium)

I miss you and I’ll never forget you

  Michele (Memphis, TN)

One of my huge regrets is that I never made the time to go see you perform here in Memphis while you lived here. I guess I thought I would have more time for that. I have loved your music since Grace. I love visiting your bench at the tiger exhibit every time I go to the zoo. Did you love to watch the tigers? Great music & so sorry you had to go so soon…

  Katharina (Norway)

I'll stand before the Lord of Song With nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah

 Herta (Austria)

you`ve gone too early jeff...thank you for your music, xoxo

  Sara (Norway)

Your soul will live forever through your music.

  Bruna Costa (Portugal)

We do not forget you

  Koli Meadows (Ohio USA)

I have yet to find anyone who compares to Jeff Buckley...Forever my favorite!

  Silmara (São Paulo, Brazil)

Happy birthday and thank you for your poetry <3

  Bianca (Germany)

  Yahel Ihie (Israel)

Thank you Jeff for your blessing music

  Tatiane Barros (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil)

Que a chama nunca se apague. Jeff, feliz aniversário.

  Ciaran Cashin

Happy Birthday, Jeff! You changed music for me.

  Melinda Legéndi (Budapest, Hungary)

Happy Birthday Jeff!

  MaryRea Ragghianti (Memphis, TN)

Happy Birthday Jeff, You are very missed but not forgotten. Your music will live on forever!" I had a magical moment last summer during the Great Mississippi flood looking over Beale Street and the flooded Mississippi and the song " Hallelujah" came on and I definitely felt Jeff Buckley and his eternal presence where he lost his life! It was a beautiful, magical experience!

  Chema Roldán (Madrid, Spain)

Thank you for making this world a better place with your music, thank you for inspiring me, thank you for being the best musician and singer I've ever heard and thank you SO MUCH for Grace. Happy 45th birthday, Jeff, wherever you are. RIP 

  Henrik Pauli 

Left this world with traces forever...

  Kelli Jenkins (Richmond, Virginia)

  Barbara (Austria)

The voice and music will stay for us to remember.

  Massimo Fonte( Linz, Austria & Rome, Italy)

Happy birthday Jeff, wherever you are. Bring my respect to your father.

  Patryk (Poland) 

Happy Birthday Jeff. We miss You so much!

  Marina Duffy

  Ripsime Jangiryan (Armenia)

  Laura, a French girl living in Brighton (England)

Jeff will always be The One and only in my musical world. Thanks to the universe for a such poetic voice.

  Carlos Almeida (Portugal)

  Johan Peeters (Sint-Gillis-Waas, Belgium)

Jeff's voice and music keep adding layers of emotions and musical satisfaction to my life. I miss him .. a lot.

  Panlo Morante (España) 

We love you and we miss you

  Joaquín Aguirre (Cuenca, Ecuador)

Everybody Here Wants you!! Happy Birthday Jeff

  Orlando R. (Porto, Portugal)

Thanks for showing me what art is.

  Nadia Neetens (Belgium)

 Happy birthday Jeff, every now and then we listen to your songs and enjoy it. And every time again we are blown away by the magic of your voice and music. Thank you for that. We will not forget you.

  Tina (Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK)

Happy Birthday, Jeff. Been thinking about you today. Hope, you're busy jamming away with your dad and all the greats.

  Ginny Gaulding (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

Happy Birthday, Dream Brother. We will celebrate in heaven one day!

  Eirini (Athens, Greece)

Happy Birthday Jeff. you left us too soon...your music inspires my life and your voice gives me hope

  Michelle (Valparaiso, IN)

Happy birthday 

  Mol (NY)

  KLK (New Orleans, LA)

The memory of watching Jeff perform and sharing a few gentle words with him still brings me joy.

  Jennie Vargas (Los Angeles, CA)

  Phil Harris (Kingswinford, UK)

Forever Special

  Michele Farinola (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

  Tomi (Skopje, Macedonia)

Happy Birthday Graceful one.

 Zetty Martins (Portugal)

You're still here with us, Jeff...

  Ines (Tunisia)

You taught me the meaning of missing somebody I've never met. You taught me so much about life, about love and about pain. Your music is a cure for the soul.Thank you little angel, you had the most powerful, honest and passionate soul I have ever and will probably ever know.Tu avais la flamme sacrée et des converse, may you rest in peace.

  Jane Gehring (Germany)

  Dani (Italy)

Happy b-day! We miss you


Born again from the rhythm screaming down from heaven. Ageless,ageless...

  Heather (New Hampshire)

..hes a tear that hangs inside our souls forever....<3

  Livi (Surrey UK)

Happy Birthday Jeff x

Your ethereal talent and awe remains with us across the world.You mean more to me than just a musician, you helped me get in touch with my own creativity, my emotions and you have helped me through some really hard times. When I listen to your voice or any of your compositions, a sincere calm and peace washes over me.Thank you for bearing your soul, I hope that today can be a day to celebrate everything you achieved in your short life.

Lots of love to you, your family, friends and fans.

  Ieva (Lithuania)

  Joana (Portugal)

Dearest Jeff, if only you were here today. You would see how loved you were, how many lives you touched with your voice, how many people you helped with your words. I wish I'd had the privilege to get to know you... but still, through your music I feel like I actually do. I hope I can find someone like you someday...

  Cansu (Turkey)

Happy birthday Jeff... You had the most beautiful voice that I've ever heard.

  Lisa (Port Ewen, NY)

May your music be soothing the angels...I can only imagine what you would of blessed us with if you were still of this earth...Happy 45th...


  Ornella (Italy)

Happy Birthday Jeff!! We love you so much!

  Paul van Beek (Venlo, The Netherlands)

Jeff, thanks for all the fantastic moments!

  Gabriela Gonçalves (Goias, Brasil)

Jeff, you left a great legacy with his music and voice. It is as if you were among us. His music has changed me. I love you.

  Erika (NYC)

Jeff, I was 13 when I first heard your music, and now years later I still listen to you. Happy 45th from where ever you are!

  Elodie (France)


Happy Birthday Jeff! Thank you for the great gift of your music before you left us. RIP

  Mahnaz (Sweden)

Happy 45th Birthday dearest Jeffrey Scott Buckley! You slay me today, tomorrow...forever <3

  Gal from Israel

Happy birthday, way too young

  Liis (Estonia, Europe)

  Isa Agudo (Lisbon, Portugal)

  Chloé (France)

Tu nous manques trop! On pense à toi chaque jour!

  Marisa (Mexico)

  Gaaby Patterson

Your voice literally changed my life. Thank you for what you have contributed to this world. Much Love.

  Rob Wanders (Holland)

  Liv (Germany)

Happy Birthday, Jeff. I love you. Forever and ever.

  Candice C. (TN, US)

The voice of an angel; your presence is still felt through your music.My four year old has me sing him to sleep at night with your songs.

  Meryem Kabbadj (Rabat, Morocco)

Happy birthday sweet angel 

  Stephanie Kennedy 

Happy Birthday Jeff.
I love you.
I miss you. S xx

  Caff (Ireland)

Happy birthday Jeff. You gave us more to live for.....more than you'll ever know. Thank you for your continuing inspiration. 

  Frédéric Vallee (France)

Salut Jeff...

  Susie Ruiz (Becket, Massachusetts,USA)

I love you

  Jen Gallant (Barrie, Ontario)

Everyday you are on my mind and in my heart! xoxo

  I still remember...Happy Birthday Jeff ~ Always, Nicole

  Sharon (UK)

You may be gone but NEVER forgotten !! I saw you in concert may years ago in the UK not knowing anything about you or your music i went out the next day and brought your cd and haven't looked back !! Till this day its still the most moving and best gig I've ever been to !! 

  Lana Beckwith (London, England)

Birthday thoughts and love for the true genius behind my most loved album of all time.

  Paola (Italy)

Happy birthday beautiful soul. Always in my heart.

  Den (North Carolina)

Had a dream you were still here...

  Priscila Queiroz (São Paulo, Brasil)

"Must I dream and always see your face?Why can't we overcome this wall?Baby, maybe it's just because I didn't know you at all."

  Jennifer (Eugene OR)

Happy Birthday Jeff... Thank you so much for your music. You are a unique soul and are missed everyday but listening to your music is like visiting with an old friend. Love xo

  Jason Speegle 

Happy Birthday Jeff, your flame went out way too soon....

  Leanne Gardner (NC, US)

Happy Birthday Sweet Angel.

  Mayra Ron (México)

Miss you Jeff!

  Amy Tharpe (Kentucky, United States)

Your music continues to be an inspiration and my saving grace.Happy Birthday to one of the greatest musicians to ever bless us with his beautiful music.You are truly missed, now and forever.

  Junna (Russia)

I feel your presence. Don't leave me alone.

  Bruno Julião (Portugal)

Forever in our hearts,ears and soul..

  Kathy (FL, USA)

We still remember your music, we'll never forget. Every tear I shed today is yours. I wish you were here to celebrate with us. Rest in peace, dream brother.

  Ivo (Germany)

Happy Birthday, Jeff! We miss you.

  Kate (Erie, PA)

My name is Kate and I love Jeff's music so very much. My son's middle name is Buckley. Jeff is missed and will always be in my heart.~

  Simon (Naestved, Denmark)

We´re listening to you every day.

  Barb Soucia (Sugar Hill, Georgia)

Happy Birthday Jeff, I'm getting to know you through your music.

  Lauren (UK)

Happy Birthday Jeff 45 today! We love you and miss you <3 you will never be forgotten angel.

Thank you...for all. I love you Jeff

  Willka & Anna (Russia)

Happy Birthday, Jeff!

  GM (Cape Cod, MA)

Your voice is my escape to the Divine and the Eternal. I love you.

  Marina (Italy)

Happy Birthday, dear boy.
Reading you biography, I feel you as great friend...Too much talent, too much sensitivity, too much life.I guess you are a symbol of my imperfect generation, always looking for something and restless to power in general.I survived after a cancer and some years later met your music for a case.Was "Grace" on the radio. Asked: what's that? who's this incredible voice?Was you, my new friend.
Ciao Jeff

  Claudia (Italy)

Happy Birthday. Everybody here wants you.

  Rayssa D (Brazil)

Happy B-day, Jeff. The sky is full of grace, my angel.

  Bill Gerazounis

Happy bday to one of the most sincere, passionate, driven souls the world has ever been lucky enough to have in our ears and hearts..Jeff Buckley. Happy bday brother:)

  Patricia (Philadelphia, PA)

Happy Birthday, dear Jeff Buckley! Miss you so very much. XO

  Joanna (Warsaw, Poland)

  Chrissie (Greece)

  Ana Teresa (Portugal)

A beautiful voice, never forgotten

  Madlen (Gdansk, Poland)

never forgotten, always in my heart

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Gabrielle Price said...

Still keeping my golden promise ~ happy birthday, Muse Jeff <3

dollparts said...
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Leslie said...

Another year has passed...still wishing you were here to see it. Love always

lothlorien said...

Happy birthday, darling Jeff. Thank you for all you have done for me. You shall be dear to my heart always xx

denisse said...

Happy 45th birthday my dear Jeff, I miss you! You will live forever in my heart through your music, I hope you are in a better place and someday, when my time comes, we'll meet on the other side but until then rest in peace my beautiful friend...

Mersadist said...

Happy birthday Jeff..... your music was the soundtrack to my high school years.

Alanna said...

Happy birthday Jeff. Your music has touched me like no other.

Danni said...

R.I.P. Jeff. We will always love you!

Danni Rosa, Brazil.

Люцерна said...

An amazing and beautiful Man. Hope you are in a safe place now, in your own true heaven

Mirre Mjau said...

Brightest Blessings where ever you are, Sweet Soul. You're missed by many... <3

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

still brings a tear to my eye that someone so talented left us so young.... your music lives on! happy 45th, jeff buckley. <3 b.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Jeff. RIP! You will never be forgotton!

Tamara said...

Jeff you left us all the beautiful gift of your songs. You have the voice of an angel who sang from your heart. Your time here was too short and you are missed every day.

Peace & Love

Diana said...

Thanks for all your amazing music.

Kati said...

Kati (Mexico)

Jeff, Gracias por existir!!!, Gracias por el amor, Gracias por tu presencia, siempre

Supernarc said...

Thank you. Happy birthday, Love.

Jamie said...
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Jamie said...

I hope there's an afterlife we all go to when we die because I know you'll be up there rocking new material and we can all agree more Jeff songs would be heaven. Happy belated birthday mate.

Valerie said...

Never forgotten....."forever and a day"