Monday, November 17, 2014

  Anne Pontellier (Pittsburgh, PA)

  Sandra (UK)

Remembered every day in the most haunting music I ever heard

  Samuele, Tiziana - Italy

We miss you, Jeff. Your music keeps us alive. 


  Especially missing you today on you Birthday Jeff.. “Born again from the rhythm, Screaming down from heaven, Ageless, ageless I’m there in your arms” ~ ♥ Debra NYC

  Alive still and filling us with rarefied Love. We honor you, Jeff - you freakin' genius Orpheus beauty! Swished away like a Shakespearean ritual - it's all so painfully gorgeous. Love you, Peace. Allow Tao - USA

  Happy Birthday, Jeff! You live on in an occasional dream, in the whisky dark twilight, and all the music I tend to listen to. How does that happen? Daily occurrences that remind me of you - a person I never met & although my age, unknown to me for 10 years after you swam away... strange but delightful. See you in the Astral plane! Love, Erin (Sedona, AZ - USA)

Happy Birthday, Jeff! Your music continues to rock on louder and brighter. Keep making the magic. Love you so. ~Patricia XO, Philadelphia, PA

  I would like to light a candle In honor of the day that Jeff Buckley was brought into this world, 48 years ago.... Thank God for that day! And, Jeff, may you rest with Him now. Love, Michelle

 Gile & Jelena (Belgrade, Serbia)

Happy Birthday Jeff. We miss you.

  Happy Birthday, Jeff (Nadya, Russia)

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