Tuesday, May 29, 2012

  Nadya (Russia)

  Guida (Portugal) 
Always present...

  Yannick Callebaut (Zwalm, Belgium)
He will always be with us, even if is he's not here anymore.  Jeff Buckley inspired me to go on in life, to persist, to endure.  He's not another simple artist who is liked by so many, he's just a way of life.  There is no one like Jeff, he will never go away è
  Kyle (Philippines)
Jeff Buckley save my life back when i was a kid..Grace will always be remembered..Miss you Jeff

  Melonie (Texas) 
Dearest, sweet, sweet Jeff. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. I'd give anything for you to still be here, a piece of my heart breaks everyday that you're not. You'll always play a big part in my life. Love and miss you forever and ever.

  Cynthia H. (North Carolina) 
You will forever live on in our hearts. Your music means the world to me. Much love.

  Jenifer J.
Jeff was the embodiment of something powerful and unexplainable, that lives in the voice and energy that came through him. Remembering a voice that changed me, moves me, makes me feel more connected to my higher self and something other than myself-- (05.29.1997)

There will never be a voice like his, <3 you Jeff

  Thays (Brasil) 
Wherever you are, thank you for everything. you gave me heart, you gave me soul, you've gave a reason to still believe in my dreams and music, i'll love you for ever.

   NR, Rhode Island
Thank you for showing me what art is. You remain an inspiration!

  Michael Onsel

  Angie (California)
Jeff Buckley... A man who gave our hearts a voice and music that will live on and on. The world is a better place because you lived. Love Always.

  Giamba (Italy)

Thanks brother ... dream

  Kathy Kidwell (Tennessee)

Listening to your music always makes me feel love!And you just being you always makes me smile!Your one of a kind,love you!

  Renato (Peru)
A century may pass but we'll never forget you Jeff... Rest in peace dream brother.  

  Brad (Springfield, IL)
I started listening to Jeff's music after he died but have loved it since the first time I heard it.  My life has been better off for having heard it and I will forever try to get people to hear the brilliance that is Jeff Buckley.

  Konstantin (Russia)

  Sam (California)
Thanks for everything, Jeff. Wish you were still with us.

  Sercan Koç (İstanbul)
Everyday just mean something with your voice,with the best voice ever. Even though you left us behin too early,your voice will be always floating around and give us the peace as you always make us feel. 

candle for Jeff via Sercan Koç

  Luke (Italy)

Lover, You Should've Come Over...  Thank you, Jeff, Wherever you are

  Silvana (Melbourne, Australia)

The most eloquent voice I have ever heard from a most beautiful soul.

  Arnold P (NY) 

Thank you for opening my eyes, ears, mind, and soul.  Always and forever in my heart.

  Hi!  I thank and praise God for giving Jeff the talent he had and used. Jeff's music and story touches me deeply and I wish he was still here today. I am grateful for the musical inspiration that Jeff is in my life. Here's to Jeff.  with love, Matthew Anderson (Evans, Colorado)

  Lucia (Italy)

It's never over...

  Ana (Brasil)

Jeff is perfect to me, I miss and love him with all my heart. it's really hard to explain how he changed my life, he was there with me every moment and sometimes I actually feel him by my side. I love his voice, his songs, I will never stop listening and his life will be eternal for me. I will always love him. He's the tear that hangs inside our souls forever. 

  Gary (Texas)

"Music is endless...there's still something...I guess it's just called freedom." -Jeff Buckley  

  Valerie Sottile (NY)

A Prayer For Unity  

There is an angel watching over us in a very special way. Waiting for the day, when suddenly we will hear him say:     

   Come with me to paradise, where 
   each and every day, the sun rays     
   wash away clouds of grey, and 
   bright rainbows fly, like flags up in 
   the sky. 

However, untill that time arrives,  we'll keep looking to the sky.  Wether blue or grey, with each new day, we can still together pray.  To Love each other as we grow closer to one another.  Our brothers, sisters, fathers, and mothers.

  Andrea (Portugal)  

Its never over...

  Jelina Lewandowski (Philadelphia, PA) 

Jeff's music has a way of inspiring me every time one of his songs is played

  Frank J. Szabo

Love, as ever

  Kathleen Harris  

Thank you Jeff, for giving me a song to dedicate to my son David. "Hallelujah" is your song as you made it so, and it remains in my heart as a remembrance of you. Strangely, I hear it on the radio whenever I am thinking of my own child. We are all connected in some way. I miss you and all of the emotion that you projected. Rest in peace and know you are loved. 

  Alessandro Testa (Benevento, Italy)

  Deb (Dubai, UAE) 

You heal me with your music. you are my sweet relief.

  Gabriella Aguilar (Livermore, California)

 "It's never over"

  Ieva (Lithuania)  

You are one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Rest in peace.

  Paulina Ascencio (Mexico)

  Craig L (Scotland)

 Debra Mason  (Wales, UK )

It takes strength to be gentle and kind

  Regina (Berlin, Germany)

Still a huge loss! Thank you for your beautiful music!

  Vasilis (Detroit, MI) 

Jeff will always be remembered and loved; as all great art, all great artists, and all great people should and are. RIP Jeff Buckley..ALWLAYS REMEMBERED AND ALWAYS MISSED.

  Nyeema LaMare (Portland, OR)

  ...'it's never over'...

  Susan (San Antonio, Texas)

  Sylvie T. (Paris, France)

Still in the music of my life. So shiny !!

  Rachel, West Virginia, USA

  Alesk (Marseille, France) 

THE music that comes from the heart…  


The most amazing voice ever ... R.I.P. Jeff

  Nadya (Russia)

  Nynke (The Netherlands)  

wish you were here...

  Alanna (California)


  Claudia (Italy)

 I am just a 14 years old girl, but I am mature enough to comprehend that he was and is the best sing ever. He is the only one that make me proud to be who I want to be.

  Agnese (Italy) 

"Sensitivity isn't about being wimpy. It's about being so painfully aware that a flea landing on a dog is like a sonic boom."  That's why I love you. Thanks for your Grace...rest in Peace

  Pam Hayman  (UK) 

A stunning talent – so missed, still loved. 

  Dina K

I was at his very last performance in Memphis, it was the most amazing show I'd every seen.  

  Pawel Chyc (Poland)  

I first heard Jeff's 15 years ago in 1997. Since then my musical taste has evolved in different directions, but Jeff has always remained in the first place. Not only because of music but mainly because of the way he sang. His passion for life is what is inside me. Rest in peace my dream brother until we meet again.

  RGS (Spain)

 "When death shall come to take the truth from me,  my hands will be empty" 

  Crystal W (Jax, Florida) 

 My kingdom for a kiss…. Missing your presence, loving your legacy…

  José Luis Gutiérrez (Madrid, España)  

He was, sorry, is a greatest, forever.

  Irene Radiance (Sydney Australia)

LOVE and Light forever.

  Jaqui Maylott  (USA)


You still live...

  Marcela Di Paula (Brazil)

Dear Jeff, Thanks 4all... R.I.P. ♥

  Nathalia Diniz (Brazil) 


  Bazo (Bitola, Macedonia)

You will never be forgotten Dream Brother!!!

  Valerie (NY)

There Are Places I Remember ...But of all these friends and lovers ...There is no one compares with you ~The Beatles ..... In my life I Love you more.  Love forever, Valerie

  Kelley (Alabama USA)

Gone but never forgotten…you live on in our hearts through your music. Peace. 

  Halldora (Italy)

I can feel you so near, today. <3

  Mandos (Australia)

  Asp (Paris, France)

Words cannot explain how much I miss you... Rest in peace, Jeff.

  Goran (Skopje,Macedonia)

Gone too soon,never forgotten.Thank you for the music Jeff

  Gayle Gray (United Kingdom)

  Alisha (Australia) 

I love you

  JF (Germany)

  Karina Infante (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

I´ve heard the magic Jeff´s voice 2 years ago, and from that moment there was a before and an after in my music life.  Thank you God, for having created this giant talent and have given the miracle Jeff. All my love for you, and all my love light for Jeff. Thank you♥   

  Lizzy (TN)

Hard to believe 15yrs has gone by without you in this world but your presence is still felt around us through your words and music. The essense of you is " a tear that will live in my soul forever". RIP JB. 

  Solly (Germany)

 It is just incredible that it`s been 15 years since Jeff Buckley died! But in so many hearts he`s still so alive. That makes me happy! Thank you Jeff, you can`t really imagine how much you gave to me with your precious music!

  Gary Power (Tipperary, Ireland)   

From the first moment I heard Jeff's voice that was enough for me.............And my autograph of his will always be my pride and joy. Rest peacefully with the angels young man x

  Dalya (Italy) 

La tua grazia e la tua musica sempre nel cuore. Grazie Jeff

  Simona Accardo (Paris)

Jeff can't forget you!

  Lianna Dooks (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)

Its insane to see that the power of your music has overcome your tragedy. Your music is the most inspiring, romantic, relaxing and rocking sound my ears have ever heard. It remains to be my favorite to this day. Wherever you are, I hope you feel that and hear all of us the same way we feel you and hear you. xoxo

  Cynthia Kauffman (Pennsylvania, USA)

   Dalila Larroque (France) 

You always in my heart !!!!

  Alessandra (Italy) 

My candle for you.  Your voice for us.

   Emil Lubowicki (Poland) 

Thank you, Jeff, for teaching me and countless other people what really beauty is. I don't believe in God, heaven or hell, but I will surely keep you in my memory until the day I die.

  Stephanie (United States)

Always in my heart

  Fanis (Athens, Greece) 

You are always a great inspiration.

  Digger One

A great musician ... a great loss ...   In Memory of Jeff Buckley

  Sarah (Germany)

Danke für deine wundervolle Musik und die Inspiration, die du hinterlassen hast. You are our muse

  Daiana Ferraz (Buenos Aires, Argentina)  

THANK YOU, Jeff. We still miss you.

  Gianluca (Trieste, Italy)

  Maria (Russia, Perm) 

Спасибо тебе, мой любимый музыкант  

  Jagoda Lisiecka (United Kingdom)

Though you are gone; your voice, music and lyrics still live on and will do forever. Rest in peace.

  Cvetanche Kostoska (Macedonia)

we`ll meet again...

  Amy Applekat (Sydney Australia)

I was 12 years old when I first heard Grace. Ten years ago. your music changed me completely, and I really did fall in love with you. I've never felt such salvation through any other artist since. My first tattoo was a tribute to you, etched on my wrist, and in my heart forever.

  Anaïs and Benjamin, turning 4 today (France) 

*Eternal life is now on [his] trail* Missing him though ...

  Elle Williamson (South London, England)   

Wish you were still here, making the most beautiful music, but words can't describe how honoured I feel to get to listen to your amazing music every day.

  Ornella (Italy)  

with us. Forever. <3

  Javi Oribe (Spain)

We miss you

  Fabrice Jardino 

  Richard (Queensland, Australia)

"One Man Is Not Every Man" - your words are with us always.

  Simon M (Denmark) 

You're still missed. My favorite musician of all time. 

  Maia (Italy)

Thanks for all

  Maria (London)

meet you in heaven...

  James Somers (NSW, Australia) 

you awakened my soul

  Silvia Sousa  (Lisboa, Portugal)

“You gave me more to live for  More than you'll ever know...”

  Marina, Palermo (Italy)

Ciao, little flower. Your energy is still here, and I feel it. Thank you!

  Nicola (Italy)

You live!

  Isabel Cuervo

In my heart....

  Joanna (Warsaw, Poland)

  Anastasia (Sicilia)

...It's never over, he is the tear that hangs inside my soul forever...

  Carine (France)

 Tu as apporter beaucoup de choses dans ma vie grâce à ta musique!! je ne l'oublierais jamais

  Molly Hayton (Manchester, England)

Thank you Jeff for everything you have done for me and for bettering my life with your beautiful music and writings. I truly believe you were such a special human being, and you will never be forgotten. So rest in peace my darling man, the world is a worse place without you.

  Lindy (Victoria, Australia)

always in my heart and soul, Jeff so very special.."all that I ask'"

  Elaine (Ireland)

Your body is dust, scattered in the invocation of the breeze but your song is as eternal as the rise and fall of day. You live in music. Thank you for opening my eyes with your evangelistic voice.

  Chaoling (Malaysia)

  Isis (Sardinian, Italy) 

You’re still here, your voice will sound forever..Thank you for keep me hangin on.

  Moytun (Turkey)

Today is the day i had a farewell my 'dream brother' to eternity… Its been 15 years since i have lost you my 'dream brother' but when you were floating through eternity whispering 'Whole Lotta Love' i can still hear you whispering…  I still remember the day how i heard your voice for the first time in my life. It was like an angel whispering my ear… whenever i heard you talking or singing i started feeling something that i have never felt before… You are my best friend, my dream brother that can never exist for real. whenever i got depressed, i got happy… no matter how i feel or don't feel i know that you are always right here next to me. Lately, i thought i lost my feelings. there is nothing left inside me… not a single emotion. but this morning, when i listened you again, you melt my heart and made me feel, feel something inside me again. when i close my eyes i saw you looking at us and smiling with your broken eyes and whispering 'i love you' We love you too jeffy! and we will always be!

  Caner Hamarat (Netherlands) 

Wish you were still alive and singing… Thank you very much for all those wonderful songs.

  JK  (Cambridgeshire, UK)

Thank you. Just, thank you.  

  Josh (NSW, Australia)

  'Rest in Peace Dream Brother'

  Guillaume ( France ) 

 R.I.P Scottie ! I owe you so much ! You are and you'll always be in our hearts. We miss you so much...

  Tanya Green (Russia)

  MCM, Australia

  T.T. (Croatia)

will never forget your talent and your voice

4 people lit candles in the comment box:

Graham said...

The best voice the world will ever hear - and still making people laugh, smile and cry today! 15 years later.
Thanks for being Jeff Buckley.

Eva Mars said...

A candle in Memory of your fleeting life Jeff, and the beautiful Music you created and left for us. You have the voice of an angel, and that is what you have become. You will never be forgotten. X

Mirtza said...

Jeff. you've been the the greatest gift. Thank you for your sharing your honesty, your soul and touching us again with what it means to be human in your amazing music. you have sang to me in my dreams and that is beyond me. Your an angel! i love you.

Unknown said...

''There's the moon asking to stay
Long enough for the clouds to fly me away
Though it's my time coming, I'm not afraid, afraid to die
My fading voice sings of love,
But she cries to the clicking of time of time...
Wait in the fire... ''

Happy Birthday dearest Jeff,you and your music are forever present in my heart and life,thank you for the incredible music,which i discover each day from a different new side..Miss you terribly..but I somehow feel that you will live forever thanks to your music and your beautiful personality,life ,heart and soul...You are one and the only..
Always with you!All the best Jeff!