Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Annie (France)

Thinking about you, our beautiful friend !

Nicole (Melbourne, Australia)

JCW (Netherlands)

13 years should have been around much, much longer...

Gustavo Alarcòn (Perú)

Where is love, where is happiness, what is life, where is peace? Quizás el río, en su fondo turbio o en su superficie revuelta, atesore todas las respuestas.

Natalie (England)

everyday, always

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Anonymous said...

You mean so much to so many people. Although you are not here in the physical sense, your spirit and your music will live on forever. Happy Birthday.

nan said...

Jeff, your legacy and talent are a gift to the world.

We'll never forget you.

makeminekeylime said...

Your gift continues to give. Thanks for the music, the inspiration, and the grace, forever.