Saturday, May 29, 2010

Taryn (New York)

You are a part of my life every single day. Thank you for that. You give me the strength to push on and be Amazing!! My love to you Always.

Mariana Mello (Brazil)

Scotty (Scotland)

Isabella (Viterbo, Italy)

You will remain the most important thing in my life... I love You.

Marieke (France)

Jeff, a God, a Great artist, the most beautiful voice of the world... I love You for ever, and ever you will be in my heart, in my soul. Thank You...

Paola (Turin, Italy)

"Angels don't
remain longer on this Earth. God calls them home soon. Love you Jeff"

1 people lit candles in the comment box: said...

How could I forget You Jeff ... so many things changed since You met me through your music ! Be eternally blessed for the Grace You are bringing in so much lifes.
I love You. R.I.P.