Friday, May 29, 2009

SB {Western Australia}

I made love to my boy

While listening to you

I felt like I was cheating

You still take my breathe

Make my skin quiver
My heart hurt

My eyes wet

Always missing

Always wishing


Gerardo M.O. {Mexico City}

Your music changed my life.

Joanna {Poland}

Joe H {Cork, Ireland}

Was aware of his name but not much more - he passed me by when he was alive but now I will get to know him. May he rest in peace.

Magda {Poland}

Márcia Valadares {Brazil}


Karen {Indiana}

theBookofExistence {CT, USA}

Jules {Central Coast, California}

Jeff -
Remembering you today; missing you everyday.
Thank you for the music.

Adriane {Brasilia, Brazil}

Jeff, you are eternal <3

Brandy {Virginia}

Patti (California)

Erin C. {DFW, TX}

I’ve never been so touched by one artist and their music like I have by Jeff Buckley. It came out of nowhere but I’m so glad I was able to discover him and his music. I unfortunately discovered him a little late and so I never got to see him in person. So glad I have his amazing music. Cheers to Jeff!

Donnie Dom {Oklahoma City, Ok}

Micah Almazan {Cebu City, Philippines}

I don't know how much of my thoughts belong to you and have been translated into poetry.
All I know is how much you've affected my psyche and the music I love.
Thank you.
You left too soon.

Goiânia-GO {Brazil}

What can I say about Jeff? Though I never met him, he's so special, he changed my life, he's an example for me, a person who I identify very much.You will always be in our hearts.

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Juliana said...
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three little girls and one prince said...

Whitney Boyd Orlando fl.

You will never be forgotten,God bless your tender soul.

Ellen said...

The grace and beauty You've brought to us with your wonderful music and magnetic voice won't be ever forgotten...Happy Birthday, Jeff.