Saturday, November 15, 2008

Eloïse {Strasbourg, France}

Will you believe me if I tell you that Jeff's Music allowed me to understand things about my own life and about Love, Life and death. I thank him so much! It could sound kinda clichéd but I'm serious. Thanks to him I really opened my eyes. God I wonder where I have been all these years when he was still among us; I did not know his Music then.
I wish that he was still there & that I had discovered his Music earlier. I'll go to his tribute in Paris & we will celebrate his life & his craft.
Much love, because I learned it's all about love :)
Thank you Jeff.

Or Kish {Israel}

ciara {cork,ireland}

i only discovered Jeff's music myself a few months ago and my life's been different since. He's helped me get through some times when I've felt lonely or sad, or when i feel like i just need someone. Listening to him gives me hope for the future. I cannot count the number of times I've listened to ''Grace'', and everything else but it has a new meaning each time for me and i am so so thankful.
Till we meet someday, Jeff x

Sara Veludo {Óbidos-Portugal}

Isabella {Italy}

You'll stay forever in my are my'll stay forever in my head....I miss you....I love you Jeff. Thank you for everything....

With love.....

Kellie {Clearwater,FL}

James Martin {USA}

Kelly J. Bowlin

I am satisfied tonight. I can only hope there is more underground music out there. I loved Jeff Buckley’s music and outlook on life, politics, and beauty. He was an expert on that. Beauty. He knew it when he saw it, heard it, better than you or I. Please light a candle in his memory for me.

Yashal {Italy}

MtnGurl {USA}

Miss you Angel ~

Laia and Xell {Catalunya, Barcelona}

Airese David {QC, Philippines}

Linda M. {Connecticut,USA}

Adriane Matos

Well, I'm not very good in english... I'm from Brazil, Distrito Federal I live in the capital
What can I say about Jeff? Though I never met him, he's so special, he changed my life, he's an example for me, a person who I identify very much.

He went through almost all the difficulties that I move today, and aways when I'm sad about everything, I try to remember him and how he was a winner.
Yesterday, I did a pray for him, I tried to remember about good things, I spent all day listen his voice. Some friends told me that I'm crazy (they aways tell me that), others friends understood it by feel the same love for him.
He's is the tear hangs inside my soul forever
I miss you so much, Jeff.

Lisa Mirabile {Brooklyn, NY}

Umberto Maria Perfetto {London, UK}

Joskorpion {Warsaw, Poland}

Blyth Klaire {California, USA}

Rest in peace Jeff...You will always be in our hearts.

Jonathan N. {Pennsylvania}

Jeff is probably one of my favorite musicians of all time. A true talent and I know that I will always hold place in my heart for his music. He is so appreciated and will continue to be missed

Ric Jo {Ourem, Portugal}

Karen {Isreal}

Jechu {Santiago, Chile}

++ Remembered every minute of every day of every life that passed away ++

Jelena Avramovic {Belgrade, Serbia}

Christopher Miklues {Michigan}

Vladen Mitkovic {Belgrade, Serbia}

Jeff really changed my life, and is still changing it, and will continue to change it. It's great to see how many people share with me this kind of magic Jeff had produced and is still producing through his wonderful music.

Mia {Oklahoma, USA}

missing you always...

Steven Bodrug {Toronto, Canada}

James Cocker {Halifax, England}

Tiziana Forlì {Italy}

If the angels have a voice it's your voice

Jess F {USA}

Maggie {Ireland}

Angela {Boston, MA}

I miss you every day. You are an inspiration to me and I will always love you. Thanks for the music.

Natalie {California}

Well, maybe there's a God above”…, letting go some ancient dove
Whose plumes of down settle soft into you…
Dear gentleman, now completely the star you saw once in the Memphis skyline, and hadn’t recognized. Unafraid to live, and unafraid to die. Keep enchanting, and keep kickin’ out those jams into the ears of many- you live on within us.

Julie P. {Canada}

Nicole Aguilar {Whittier,California}

A sad day to remember a beautiful man with a beautiful voice. His music will live on forever in our hearts.” J, Thank you for your time.

Evan {Haverhill, Massachusetts}

I was touched by an angel 11 years ago and I haven't been the same since. Thank you for your eternal inspiration. May your candle always burn....

Rose Mason

For Jeff, May you RIP

Leya {Paris, France}

Où que tu sois
Encore enchanter
La grace pure,
un seul emblême
cette marque de toi.
On ne t'oublie pas.
LEYA - 2008 May

Greg French {UK}

Wow, 11 years...RIP Jeff, I've got a real candle alight here, and am listening to sin-e whilst I type this.

Thanks for all the great music.

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